Mountain Bike Nationals in Snowshoe 2018!

National Champion – Cat 1 Women 19-24 – MTB Nationals 2018

Whew what a whirlwind of a weekend in Snowshoe! I had been looking forward to Mountain Bike Nationals all year and these races exceeded my expectations. I registered for three races back to back, which was extremely tiring but also very worth it. Luckily collegiate MTB national had been held at Snowshoe for two years before open nationals, so this was my fourth time competing on these trails and I was excited for the chance to be back. The weather was much cooler than home up on the mountain, with most days hardly getting above the 60s or 70s. The weather was calling for rain, but Snowshoe Mountain’s forecasts are usually wrong, and this time they happened to be wrong in my favor! For the first time, none of my races had any precipitation during them, which was a great change from previous years. The course still had the same muddy root sections and technical single track, rock gardens, and long gravel climbs, but the trails were similar to what I was used to back home and I felt more prepared this year than ever before.

We arrived on Thursday morning, the day before my first race. The excitement in the air was palpable as racers from all over the country arrived to get their race packets and pre ride the trails. I was able to meet up with several locals from teams back home, including some guys on the CTS team that I rode my openers with. I also got to see some friends from the Happy Tooth Women’s team, my JA King teammates, and an old friend and teammate from Appalachian State. Nationals is fun because it not only brings riders together from all over the country, but it also allows you to compete on the same stage as pros, something that I rarely get to do. I was starstruck as I saw some of my favorite racers from Specialized, Trek, Clif Bar, and many others out on the same trails warming up.

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The first race that I had was the XC race for my age group, Cat 1 Women 19-24. We were starting bright and early at 8am, so I woke up at 5:30 to make sure I had enough time to eat and warm up. It was a brisk morning, but I much prefer that over hot weather. I was really nervous about the day, and even though there were only 8 women in the field, there were a few that I had raced against and come in second to. We lined up for three laps of the course, and I felt nervous but ready, excited for the race that I had waited so long for. As the gun went off, we rocketed off the start line, and I immediately grabbed the wheel of Sydney, who was the national champion last year. We flew down the trail toward the first climb, and as we turned up the road, Allison attacked from behind and cruised up the road. I was now in third place, but still had the two in my sights as we crested the hill and headed into the muddy root section. After getting lots of wet root practice on the trails in Pisgah, I was able to navigate the technical sections and make up time to catch Allison and Sydney. Our field of women had started in the back, so it was hard to get around all the other women in the older categories. However, this worked somewhat to my advantage because it also slowed down Allison and Sydney, allowing me to catch them before the trail opened up into a gravel climb. We rode together on the climb and went back and forth with positions. By the second lap, I had moved into first place after the long rock garden, and I was determined to hold my lead through the final lap. I worked on getting as much of a lead as I could through the rooty section, especially since it had cleared up so much as the racers all got spread out along the course. As I came out of the single track, I knew there were only three main climbs to go, and I focused on pushing hard through those sections. The first was coming out of the single track, the second was passing through the feed zone, and the third was the longest, but was the final push before the long rock garden. Once I made it out of the rock garden and couldn’t see second place behind me, a huge smile came over my face and I pedaled furiously down the final section to the finish line. As I crossed the line victoriously, I was so happy and thankful that I had made it. I had been dreaming about a first place finish at nationals for years, and it finally happened.

IMG_4452The rest of the day was spent recovering, taking an ice bath, hydrating, and spending as much time off my feet as possible to prepare for Saturday’s race the next morning. I made sure to eat plenty of food to replenish the energy I had burned, and stocked my jersey pockets with Hammer Gels for the next day’s race at 11am. Saturday was another XC race, but this time it was much harder because it would be a U23 race, meaning anyone pro or amateur under the age of 23. I was lined up on the second row because of my previous day’s finish, but there was a whole front row of professional racers, ready to tackle the course. Many of these other racers were girls that I looked up to, who race internationally for big name teams. It was intimidating and humbling to race with them, but also a huge honor because I have been dreaming of racing at the level they are at one day. As the gun went off, we raced off for four laps. My body was much more tired during this race, and I had to dig deep to find motivation. This course was slightly shorter than the one we raced the previous day, but had the addition of a very steep hill at the start of every lap. It was a struggle to even make it to the top, and I was glad we only had to get up it four times. I was quickly dropped out of the top ten, and Allison and Sydney from the day before both passed me during the second lap. I had nothing left in the tank to catch them, and I finished the day in 12th place after a humbling race. Though I was hoping for more, it was a much better finish than my previous year racing short track in U23, and I was happy to have had the chance to race against such impressive women.

77BD964E-728B-4EF0-BFE3-1E4339CDF264The final race was the fastest, but also my favorite. Short Track is a quick format where racers are red lining the entire time, going as hard as possible right out of the gate. Though I was more tired than ever, I was also most excited for this event, especially with it having the biggest field of women. The category was open to all women 17 and older, and I was able to have a front row call up. The call up in short track is the most important, because you don’t want to be caught in the back of the field and forced to catch back on. I was so nervous before this event that I even broke out in hives on my legs, but once I was on the start line I was excited for the thirty minutes of pure effort. As the gun went off we exploded off the start line, racing up the hill to start the lap. There were a ton of extremely fast juniors, which is exciting for the future of the sport. It was hard to maintain their pace however, especially after two hard days in the saddle. I hung on in the top five for a bit, but eventually I blew up and dropped back to 9th place. I was excited for at top ten finish in the biggest field of the weekend, but I know that next year I will be aiming for a short track podium.

IMG_4490All in all, it was an extremely rewarding and fun weekend filled with racing against women that I really admire. I even got to watch the pros race, which was so incredible to see the power, speed, and strategy that they have. For now, I’ll be taking a bit of time off the bike to recharge my batteries and set goals for the upcoming year. I am already looking forward to nationals next year though, and I am so thankful for the friends and memories that I have been able to make through this sport.


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