Virginia Tech ACCC Weekend


The team traveled up the Virginia Tech for another great weekend in the collegiate mountain bike season. This was our first Atlantic Coast Collegiate Cycling Conference weekend of the year and it did not disappoint. Saturday’s races were held at the Old Farm Trail system in Blacksburg, VA. We started the day with a time trial up old farm trail, which was a technical mile and a half test of speed and endurance. There were plenty of challenging rock garden sections and I was absolutely worn out and thankful to reach the top. We started in one-minute gaps and I was able to catch the next two riders in front of me and finish in first place. At the top of the climb was the short track course, which was a fast course with fire roads, smooth trails, and plenty of places to pass. There were five of us in my race, not counting the Men’s B race that started at the same time. I was able to win the short track race against the other women, but it was a tough battle and I came second to a Men’s B racer. Following the short track race, we had a super D race back down the same Old Farm trail to the bottom. The trails were in very dry condition and I slid out around a corner. Luckily nothing on my bike was harmed and I was able to finish second.


Day 2 of the races were held at nearby Pandapas Pond. We raced a lollipop style course for 15 fun singletrack miles. I tried to attack on the one long climb on the course and just stay on my bike through all the technical spots on the remainder of the course. It was a hot day which was surprising for Virginia in the fall, but it was a great day of racing. I was able to finish in first and take the conference points lead. We finished the weekend with a team lunch at Qdoba and are looking forward to the rest of the conference.

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